Flesh and Bone by Nathan Kranzo

This is the ultimate interactive coin effect. You don’t need a table or a glass…..just ask someone to cup their hands and watch as their eyes pop out when you perform this routine!!!

The PERFECT strolling coin effect for cocktail parties, hospitality suites, private parties, you name it!

Here is what Bill Duncan had to say about Flesh and Bone after watching my Stand Up Coin Magic DVD…

”Flesh-N-Bone is a multi-phase coins through your hand routine that is both clever and visual. You can see a sample of how clever on Nathan’s website. This is, for me, the standout routine. It is, also the most technically demanding.” – Bill Duncan, M.U.M Magazine

Here is what the audience sees…
ONE AT A TIME three Silver Dollars VISUALLY penetrate your hand and LAND IN THE HANDS OF THE SPECTATOR. Not only does this look cool but if you actually have it done to you it feels SOOOOO FREAKY!!!

The first two coins seem to magically melt through your hand when you pull on your index finger. The last coin melts through your fist as you squeeze the coin away. It falls into their hands joining the other two coins leaving them with everything to examine….and a true feeling of astonishment.

Use ANY coins. Quarters, half dollars, English pennies, Silver Dollars etc. You just need three coins and a good old matching expanded shell.


Flesh and Bone by Nathan Kranzo
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