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Voodoo 2.0 by Nathan Kranzo

Howdy! Nathan Kranzo here with one of his worker tricks that is consistently the most requested from his audiences. Use the power of voodoo to make playing cards fold inside the boxes and business cards burn in your audience’s hands. Do that hoodoo that the Kranzilla does so well with Voodoo 2.0.

Here’s what happens
A freely selected playing card is signed, lost in the deck, and then put back in the box on the table. The magician introduces one of their business cards, and writes the name of the spectator on it forging a connection between the business card and the selection. To prove they are connected the magician folds the playing card into a small bundle. The audience can open the box and discover

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Nathan Kranzo – Stand Up Progressive Wild Coin

Nathan Kranzo - Stand Up Progressive Wild Coin [rha3otbysbu7 ...


Following the same lead as my last DVD Stand Up Coin Magic this routine is performed all in-the-hands, without a table, in front of your chest. Its always important to perform in front of your chest, and face, so the audience can see your magic and most importantly YOU. PLUS you can perform it

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EZ Oil and Water by Nathan Kranzo

The Kranzilla is back with the easiest oil and water you’ve ever seen. Nathan Kranzo has taken the classic effect oil and water and made it so easy, that you can have the spectators mix the cards and then perform the entire effect without the magician doing a thing. This powerful version of the oil and water plot is as fair as it gets.

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Dark Triumph by Nathan Kranzo

This isn’t the Triumph you wanted, it’s the Triumph you needed.

The spectator signs a card, it’s lost in the deck, then the spectator shuffles the cards face up into face down. The cards are immediately spread and all of the cards face the same direction except for the one bearing their signature.

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Stone Purse by Nathan Kranzo (only Premium)

“The one trick I’ve performed more than any other” –Nathan Kranzo

If you’re an amateur, you may not immediately understand why this is Nathan Kranzo’s signature trick. In fact, while watching the video you may even “figure it out” and decide it’s probably not that good. Big mistake. This is a miracle that fries EVERYONE, and not just a little bit, it completely turns their world upside down. The “remember you forever” kind of frying.

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