Failure at Any Number by Victor Pineapple

Any place they name… Is the only place it’s not.

Card at any number effects are magician-porn, we love them, we collect multiple methods, but few of them are able to garner more than a golf clap from real people.

But Failure at any number turns this famous CAAN (card at any number) plot on its head – and lowers expectations by apparently failing. So when the kicker ending is finally revealed, it blows the roof off.

(Below is a helpful graph to show you what we mean)

The Effect…

In this effect the audience names any number from 1 to 52, looking for just one card.

It’s not there, and they applaud your failure.

But then it’s revealed that the entire deck is the same card, the card they were looking for.

And the only position they named, was the only position it didn’t exist in.


  • They can genuinely name any number.
  • You don’t need precision pinky counts… Victor will teach you a very easy, clever & invisible way to get it there every single time.
  • The deck actually ends completely examinable.
  • Nothing is taken away.
  • There’s nothing for them to accidentally discover.



Some spectators pray for the moment that a magician fails a trick. They love it. It elevates them.

Failure at any number plays into this primal desire and reels in hecklers, only to metaphorically bash them across the head with the impossible crescendo.

Just when they think you’ve failed, you reveal the deck. BoomYou’re untouchable.

It’s a stunning effect for a normal audience – but for a difficult audience, it becomes necessary.

What you will learn…

During Summer 2021 we flew to Majorca to film with an underground Spanish legend, Victor Pineapple.

We’d never met him before then, but we’d heard that Victor is so good, that expert card-smith Jeremy Griffith (@lost_angelusx) was taking lessons from him.

It only took us about 3 seconds of talking to understand that this creator thinks so differently about classic plots – and his teaching style is second to none.

He’s so engaging, so friendly, so understanding. His aura just makes you want to learn from him.

In Failure at any number you don’t just learn his effect, he’ll teach you everything that went into the effect. Every move, every piece of theory, in small digestible chunks.

+ BONUS 20-minute jam session with Victor, Peter Turner & Mark Lemon.

You’ll also learn an ungimmicked version so if a friend wants to see the effect again, or catches you off guard, you’ll be able to deliver – even without having the gimmicked deck on you.

Failure at any number is truly our favorite CAAN effect because everyone loves an underdog…

… and with this effect, you make yourself one.

Learn Failure at Any Number INSTANTLY.

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