Executive Clip by Chris Funk

“It is very rare that I see a magic prop and immediately know that it has a place in my arsenal without question. The only thing I don’t like about the executive clip is that it makes the rest of my mentalism look bad by comparison.” -Spidey

“I am upset that I didn’t think of it. This really is clever, and a step forward in my humble opinion. The fact that the item (billet, bill, etc) can be shown freely before clipping it in the clip is truly something special. I am a big fan of the executive clip; you will be too.” -Sean Fields

“It never fails to get a tremendous response.” -Bill Abbott

“This was my best purchase at MAGIC Live this year and I have already thrown out all of my old Ostin Clips. Add this device to your arsenal. You won’t regret it.” -Master Payne, MUM Magazine review

“I’ve used it in over 1,000 shows and it has NEVER failed.” -Chris Funk

The Executive Clip is the ONLY way to switch a dollar bill, playing card, or small object. No other device is as versatile, clean or reliable than The Executive Clip.

Professionals need a device that looks innocent and that is guaranteed to work. Chris Funk has been performing different versions of bill to impossible location for years. Perfecting the performance and method for maximum impact. The Executive Clip is the direct result of searching for the most reliable and most deceptive method. After thousands of performances the perfect method finally exists.

The Executive Clip
-Can be shown freely
-Perform close-up and stage
-Works with dollar bill, playing cards, and any similar item
-Looks like an ordinary object

History of the Executive Clip

The history of our art matters so we feel it is necessary to mention the giants in our field.Chris has created a great idea which is different to other popular switching devices but it is important to mention the others who have created and popularized the original idea.
The idea of using a bulldog clip to switch a billet or bill is not new. This gimmick was invented by Bob Ostin in 1953 and marketed by Davenports as “Bob Ostin’s Dice Prediction,”
The original idea of hanging the clip in a large jar was created by Bob Fillman and popularized by Ed Fowler with his 200 to 1 routine.
Others who have worked on the original Ostin clip idea are John Riggs, David Harkey, Steve Dusheck and many more.

Executive Clip by Chris Funk
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