Blank Inside by Kyle Purnell (only Premium)

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“Blank Inside” is going to fool you. Kyle Purnell has created a trick which is devilishly clever and easy to do.

You begin by asking the spectator to name a number – twenty-five for example. That number becomes your time limit as you

frantically begin cutting the deck and removing cards, one at a time, within twenty-five seconds.

With just a second to spare, you drop the deck to the table, announcing that you’re done. But then you realise that you never actually explained what your aim was.

The named number – twenty-five – was, in fact, your target. Turning over the cards one at a time, you reveal that they add up to twenty-five. But that’s not it…

You then explain that the trick actually only works with one number. Twenty-five.

As you turn over the rest of the deck, you’ll get gasps as you show that every single card is blank! It’s a stunning ending that will baffle even the most discerning audience members!

NOTE: Blank deck not included.

Running time: 19 minutes 43 seconds

Blank Inside by Kyle Purnell

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