Energy Coins by Matt Mello

Energy Coins is my personal coin bending routine. It consists of two phases, and two coins: one positive and one negative. The performer ‘energizes’ the

negative coin, and the spectator is able to feel that it’s heavier. This is one-hundred percent surefire, and they will always feel what you describe. Once energized, the performer slowly picks up both coins and is able to dramatically bend the negative coin with one hand.

The video features the one-handed bend, which happens exactly as it appears. Nothing is being slid off camera or out of frame, what you see is what you get. Half-dollars are used in the video, but it can also be performed with quarters.

There is a gimmick needed, and the gimmick makes both phases possible.

Download :  Uploaded | Rapidgator | Nitroflare (only Premium )


  1. Can you reupload?

  2. This file has been removed due to inactivity on Nitroflare.

  3. reupload this please

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