Diamonds are Forever by Rick Lax (only Premium)

Most magic moments don’t last long.

BUT the impossible moment in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER lasts FOREVER. It leaves your spectators with an incredible object that they can keep for the rest of their lives.

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER uses two cards: A red ace, and a black two. You show the backs and faces of the cards, and then you put the two in your spectator’s hand. Then you MAGICALLY PEEL THE DIAMOND OFF THE RED ACE, and MAGICALLY BOND THE RED PIP ONTO THE MIDDLE OF THE BLACK TWO. The spectator gets to keep BOTH cards.

She can look at them for hours, but she’s not going to find anything.

Rick put all his work into the special gimmicks—produced by the U.S. Playing Card Company—so the cards do all the sneaky stuff for you. You can focus on the performance and the magic, without worrying about complex moves.

When you buy DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, Rick will not only teach you his signature performance, he’ll also show you a way to perform the trick with SIGNED CARDS and a way to make the ace VISUALLY POP onto the two.

But really, Rick’s signature handling is all you need. You can do it anywhere, any time. No table, no fancy setup, no deck needed—just the DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER cards.

That’s all you need to create this eternal eye-popping card miracle.

Diamonds are Forever by Rick Lax (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )

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