David Blaine – David Blaine Teaches Magic (ALL Video+PDF)

David Blaine - David Blaine Teaches Magic - On Magic Land
For the first time, David Blaine shares the methods behind his magic. In this one-month online class, learn 30 of David’s favorite card tricks and physical feats. Take what you learn and immediately blow the minds of your friends, your family, or any audience.
Part 1 Card Tricks
Learn David’s favorite card tricks — tricks from his everyday life, television specials, and stage shows. You’ll learn how to predict a spectator’s card, find someone’s chosen card in a deck, transform one card into another, and more.
Part 2Physical Magic
David Blaine teaches some of his signature physical feats. You’ll learn how to rip a deck of cards in half, break through a pair of handcuffs, “rotate” your arm 360 degrees, and more. David will even share the technique behind his world record-breaking breath hold.
Part 3Magician’s Mindset
Magic is a mind game. David Blaine shares the foundation of what makes his magic so unique: the psychology of magic. In this class, you’ll learn how to use psychological principles to make people believe what you want them to believe.

Card Magic Fundamentals

Card Controls

Forces & Revelations

Performing for an Audience

False Shuffles & False Cuts

Magician’s Choice

Making Tricks Your Own

Advanced Sleights

Physical Feats

Magic with Everyday Objects

Making Magic Believable

Card Flourishes

The Magician’s Mindset

Building an Original Presentation

Psychology of Magic

David’s Signature Tricks & Methods

Improving as a Magician Through Practice

Improvisational Magic

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