Dark Horizon by Unknown Mentalist

Dark Horizon by Unknown Mentalist : Lybrary.com

This is mentalism with a message. This routine can generate a strong emotional connect with the audience. Language is to a mentalist what semen is to impregnation. When a language becomes extinct, humanity slides down many generations. It is undeniable that mentalists have gained immensely from languages. This release is a humble attempt at conveying mentalism’s gratitude for languages.

The simple but highly effective principle of this routine lends itself to complete customization/personalization. Performer displays some language lists. Some ancient languages which are still

studied today. Some endangered languages. And some extinct languages. A participant is asked to freely choose an ancient language from a list of about a dozen. Then by an organic linguistic process (NOT word association) the participant arrives at a final language.

In an impossible twist, the participant is now allowed to exchange this final language with another language of his choice. The whole process happens in the mind of the participant only. And the performer is able to divine this finally chosen language. Options for multiple revelation styles are also provided. A basic routine and two advanced alternative routines are described. This is completely self-working and instantly repeatable with a different outcome. No reset. No sleights. No stooges. Fully presentation oriented. You can perform this within 10 minutes of reading the instructions.

1st edition 2015, 29 pages.
word count: 3639 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text

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