Dante’s System of Life Span Reading by Robert Nelson

The Dantes System of Life Span Reading by Robert A. Nelson | Magic World Publishers

Without any written or preliminary foolishness, The Dantes System allows you to deliver a terrific psychological reading to most any spectator. A reading so cleverly conceived and thought-out that it smacks of genuine mindreading!

This sight-reading is apparently the answer to the sitter’s innermost thoughts, touching upon the trials and tribulations of the individual, delving into his or her past, discussing the present and probing deeply into the future.


  1. Hello! Thank you for all your work. This file is Mr. Robert Nelson’s Art of Cold Reading. Could you upload the Dante System from above? It sounds wonderful. Thank you very much

  2. You uploaded wrong file. The link belongs to The Art of Cold Reading by Robert Nelson. Could you fixed it ?

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