Craig Petty – Masterclass Live (Week 1-2-3-4)

Craig Petty Masterclass - Craig Petty - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

We’re thrilled to have Craig Petty help us close out the year in style with an amazing Vanishing Inc. Masterclass taking place throughout December.

Craig Petty is an award-winning performer and creator that has created some of the bestselling magic tricks of the last two decades. He is best known for his creativity and commitment to pushing the art of magic forward, as seen on his wildly popular “Craig Petty’s Magic TV” YouTube channel.

These three jam-packed lectures are a close-up magic worker’s dream. There’s something for everyone from card magic to coin magic and even a touch of mentalism. Everything will be wrapped

up with a live zoom Q&A where you can ask Craig anything you’d like (this is always the most popular part of the Masterclass series).

Still on the fence about grabbing Craig Petty’s Masterclass? Here are three reasons you won’t want to miss it:

  1. The amount of tricks and insight packed into these sessions make this Masterclass one of the greatest values we’ve ever offered
  2. This is brand-new, practical material that pushes the limits of creativity
  3. There is something for every skill level and style of performer

You can purchase the Craig Petty Masterclass separately or save big by subscribing to VI Monthly. This membership will give you the Masterclass, plus immediate access to a huge streaming tutorial library, and free or discounted shipping on every order, for less than the cost of the Masterclass alone.

Craig Petty Masterclass Overview

Session One – December 4, 2022 (4pm ET / NYC Time)

Slow Motion Sandwich
A playing card slowly materializes from back to face.

Small Change
A pack of cards with different denominations on them are shuffled and the spectator is allowed to choose any five. You correctly predict the amount they selected.

Face Off
A partial transposition of a card where just the face travels, but not the back.

Twin Souls Variation
The spectator says stop and their selected card is turned faced up. With a snap of your fingers, the entire matching four of a kind is now face up.

Back Off
A mystery card is placed aside and you perform a small packet (three cards) ambitious card routine that ends with a mystery card kicker.

A double backer is split into two Aces. You then “program” the next double backer to get the two black Aces.

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