Charmed By Lewis Le Val

WARNING: These routines are as much fun to perform as they are to watch – You’ll find yourself ADDICTED from the very first performance! 

“Lewis’ Charmed routine is amazing; a professional presentation, using a crazy method – I LOVE it and I will be using it for sure!” Romanos 

“A brilliant tool for magicians and mentalists alike!” Jordan Murphy 

In this 25 minute download, international TV star Lewis Lé Val reveals one of his most POWERFUL signature mentalism routines!

Alongside this, Lé Val exposes TWO MORE ROUTINES in which you can use the versatile techniques you will learn!

Whether you are a magician/mentalist working with playing cards, or a purist mind reader using billets, you WILL use the material presented in this release.

In the lead routine, your spectator will make their own “lucky charm”, a lovely hook that guarantees that they will talk about you long after you’ve left. You reveal the thing that they most want to bring to their future! (Watch trailer two for a full performance of this beautiful routine!)

In routine two; you will place a folded card isolated on the table. Your spectator will name any card, with a completely free choice. Upon unfolding the card that’s been on the table from the start, they discover that you have accurately predicted their thought!

Finally, Lé Val shows how the moves taught can be used to finish your ambitious card routine in the most powerful and organic way possible.

These routines are all very close to [b] impromptu [/b] (3 second set up time, with no extra props) and the moves taught can be used for many other routines, giving you power over any situation!

If you’ve seen AOK by Lé Val, you KNOW this is going to be great, the best news? These moves are easy to do, with no chance of failure!

Charmed By Lewis Le Val
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