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Thought Theatre by Lewis Le Val

One of Lewis Le Val’s best releases yet is finally here! This, is Thought Theatre.

Why is it so good? Because everything you do in these routines is completely real.

Yes, real!

There is zero deception involved, yet you can perform this material without fear of failure.

What is Thought Theatre?

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Cassandra’s Dream by Lewis Le Val

Cassandra’s Dream by Lewis Le Val is a mind reading routine with a unique premise; not only will you reveal a dream they have had in the past, you’ll also provide them with a lasting moment of magic through a prediction of a dream they will have in the near future.
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AOK 2 by Lewis Le Val (Video+PDF)

“AOK2 is a wonderful close-up Q&A act you can do with just a few blank business cards. This refinement of his popular and best-selling routine is worth every penny. Both the handling and presentational aspects are exhausting covered by Lewis as well as every variation possible. Nothing is lacking here. Get this download, study and practice it and you will have a top-notch routine you will use for the rest of your career.” – Richard Osterlind

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Witch Doctor by Lewis Le Val (PDF)

In this deeply personal and moving new release, Lewis Le Val is back with some of his best work yet!
In this 83 page ebook, Le Val shares with us a collection of routines with an esoteric, mystical approach, along with some extremely thought provoking and inspirational essays, subtleties and presentational angles.

I Create As I Speak 2: Hypnosis by Lewis Le Val (PDF) (only Premium)

Bildergebnis für I Create As I Speak 2: Hypnosis by Lewis Le Val

“I cannot be held responsible for any misuse of this knowledge. Use with caution.”
– Lewis Le Val.

Lewis Lé Val is a master hypnotist from the UK. He has travelled the world performing incredible demonstrations of mind control on stage, close up and on his TV shows that have been seen in over 224 countries worldwide.

With his first book, “I Create As I Speak”, Lé Val discussed suggestion and hypnosis without trance. In this incredible new offering, he discusses all of his work on true hypnosis, honed over years of real world performances.

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Black Flag by Lewis Le Val (only Premium)

“I can’t wait to try this! What a GREAT method!” John Carey

“Lewis Lé Val has created my new favourite method for divining a playing card, but my favourite thing about Black Flag is that you can use it with Tarot, Business Cards and more – This is truly BRILLIANT!” -Dee Christopher

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