Blind Man’s Bill Change by Lloyd Barnes (only Premium)

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In 2017 we created a challenge for Lloyd Barnes that we thought he’d never be able to win. Create a bill change with both sides of the bill changing at the same time. 

If we had a buck for every bill change on the market, we could afford to never sell this. There’s a million out there… we own them, we’ve done them.

The one thing we’ve never seen and we didn’t think was possible was changing both sides of the bill at the exact same time.

We tease Lloyd on staff, joke with him, play pranks with his in-flight meals… but the fact remains, his mind works like no-one elses.We didn’t think he’d ever be able to do this, but Brad knows how creative Lloyd gets when he’s hopped up on chocolate, so he sent boxes upon boxes to his door (No kidding, that actually happened). 2 hours and 3 empty boxes later… Blind Man’s Bill Change was done and Lloyd devastated the team with it.The ‘BMBC’ stands up to scrutiny with a change so fast and fluid, that it’s one of the few ultra-visual tricks that fools the camera as much as the eye itself.

In over 1.5 hours of intricate explanations, you’ll learn how to do this with the vast variability of currency in circulation today.

But what if you live outside of the US? Easy!

Lloyd will teach you how to get around the famous ‘polymer problem’, different size bills and even a way to use notes with clear ‘windows’ through to the other side.

There’s no doubt in our minds that Blind Man’s Bill Change will become a new classic and until now, we’ve safely kept it all to ourselves.



I designed Blind Man’s Bill Change to solve a lot of problems that I identified in almost all bill changes. Most magicians perform one of just a few bill changes. Usually something like Patrick Page’s Fast Cash (Extreme Burn) or the age old one hundred dollar bill switch. These are great and stand the test of the time but they’ve been seen on television, in real life or on social media by almost every laymen that’s had the chance to see magic.

Magic should appear spontaneous. If we really could do magic then how come all magicians can only make money change in one of a few different ways? I needed to stand out from everyone else. I needed something nobody had seen before and I needed to answer questions before they were asked.

I thought… “What if I could do the cleanest, most fair bill change imaginable? One single bill. They can seen the front, back and even through the bill. What if I made it impossibly visual? And most of all…. could I really make something like this practical?” 

After a lot of thinking, tinkering and failure… I had created the Blind Man’s Bill Change.

Simple in design, executed with ease and elegantly deceptive in its engineering. Easy. No cover. No funny moves. Even one-handed if you want.

I’ve always paid a lot of thought to the theory of magic and reasons why magicians do certain things. Why borrow a bill to change it? Why can’t they see the front and back? Do people really forget that they’ve seen other magicians do the same trick? Does making it incredibly visual really convince them more?

The ‘BMBC’ crosses all of those bridges and blows them up… there’s no going back from here.

In an hour and a half of intricately thorough explanations I don’t just cover the how, but the when, what and why too.

After years of releasing tens of effects to the magic community I think I’ve found the ‘secret sauce’ to original magic. I douse it over all of my ideas until they’re drenched and It’s the reason I can say with conviction why this is worth your hard earned money.

It’s visual, practical, easy to do, has justification, it takes up little pocket space, it’s cheap to make, simple to construct and lasts longer as a gimmick than some countries bank notes are in circulation for….**AND BREATHE**.

Haha! Anyway, I hope you all have fun with this and love it as much as I love pizza.

Blind Man’s Bill Change by Lloyd Barnes (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )


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