Bizness by Bizau Cristian (Re Upload)

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Nearly Two Hours of Romania’s Best

In this debut collection from Romania’s foremost card-star, Bizau (Biz, for short) spills ALL the secrets that have made him an internet sensation and a coveted lecture name across Europe. Fresh off his first lecture-tour, Biz presents his first studio-shot DVD that tips all his quirky card work. Change a card by rubbing it with your tie. Find the card in the deck that can’t be shuffled, and more. Sound intriguing? It is. He has an absurdist approach to magic and humor, and both are on display in Bizness. More than 20 items completely explained.


  1. The links doesnt work 🙁
    Please reupload 🙂

  2. reupload please

  3. Nitroflare re-upload please

  4. These links are no longer working.

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