Billets for the Modern Mindreader vol.3 by Julien LOSA (Video+PDF)

[You do not need vol.1 and vol.2 to follow this vol.3]

In this volume 3 of his “Billets for the Modern Mindreader” serie, Julien goes deeper into his ‘billet work’, and offers you 3 mindblowing mentalism routines, using just a few billets and techniques :

– TAROT FORTUNE : 1-on-1 or close up situation (and adaptable for walkaround), this routine allows you to reveal/answer a question about your spectator’s future and give a quick tarot reading !

– HYPNOBILLET : this one plays in close up situation and parlour situation (although you can easily adapt it for stage). You enter your spectator’s mind while in a trance, to retrieve a secret word that h’s been hiding in a safe in his mind… and yep : obviously, to retrieve a word from a safe you’ll need a password… so you’ll guess it too !

– TRIONYM EFFECT REVISITED : from close-up situations to stage performances, this is a great one ! 3 billets, 3 spectators, 3 thoughts… and you NEVER openly open/read a single billet (read that again !…)

In this download Julien covers every subtleties, every techniques, to allow you to learn faster and better !

“BFTMMR vol3 is in the same vein of the previous volumes. If they resonated with you, then you need this. Real-world material that hits. Pretty hard. Super boulot Julien…”
Phedon BILEK

“When we talk about the best billet workers in history we usually have to base our studies on written description of their work. Julien is the best billet worker I have seen, amongst the living as well as the dead, and we are lucky to have video records of his work to let us steal a little of that greatness. Tarot Fortune is the final word on reading the mind of a participant during a reading, it is that good. Deeply rooted in both older routines and newer carefully refined techniques. The lobster started as a joke. Then Julien proved it was possible. Now I am working on it because I have seen Julien turn it into some dream routines…”
Nestor DEE

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