Albo 2.0 by Ammar x Miller

It’s not about ‘new’… It’s about ‘the best’.

What do we mean by that?

People prefer the old muscle cars, the new ones lack character.

They prefer vinyl, the new sounds lack depth.

They prefer the old methods – the new ones lack experience.

Albo 2.0 is for the connoisseur. The kind of person that doesn’t need banana flavoring in their bourbon to make them buy it. They want the REAL stuff— the original.


When talking about the concept of Torn & Restored internally, the Ellusionist Team found it better to iterate and improve upon what already exists, the tried and true methods of the past.

It’s not good enough anymore to just be ‘new’ – you need to be ‘better’.
If the new thing isn’t ‘better’ than what existed before it, then it’s not worth producing at all.

That’s why we called Michael Ammar out of retirement, to bring back the famous Albo Card with added subtleties to the gaff — and a new handling refined from over 20 years of performing this trick.

If that wasn’t enough, we then ran it through the mind of Justin Miller to make it a miracle. He will teach you how to make the torn corner appear between their empty hands and then restore itself onto the card between their hands.

So you’re not just getting Ammar’s legendary handling, you’re getting Justin’s too.

Each person gets into the effect in a different way, and the way they present it is totally different. You’ll learn it all in almost 2 hours of crystal-clear video.


The full Albo 2.0 package gets you 28 impossible souvenir gaffs that can be signed and given away… Or used over and over with no signatures.

+ 28 dupes, so you don’t have to tear up your actual deck.
+ a FREE Red Cohorts Deck that matches the gaff.

BONUS. We also gaffed the box and Justin Miller will teach you how to use it, even if you run out of Albo 2.0 cards.

Get Albo 2.0 today.

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