Adrian Lacroix LIVE

“I met Adrian on a trip to Argentina and was very impressed by his incredible passion for magic and mentalism! He is not only a unique thinker with great ideas, but also a worker out there performing for audiences day in, day out. Excited to see what he teaches in his Penguin lecture!”- Oz Pearlman

“Adrian will pleasantly surprise you with his clever ideas.”- Gregory Wilson

“Adrian Lacroix is an amazing magician! When I saw him bend a spoon I was astonished! His method looks real! Could it be that he is using the power of his mind? Even I don’t know! Adrian’s

performances are entertaining and brings real magic into your reality. I highly recommend his show!”- Uri Geller

What will he teach?

ESP- A mentalism routine with numbers where the performer seemed to know exactly how the spectator thinks and what number he will choose each time.

DB Poker Hand- A poker hand prediction.

Rubicon- A matching cube routine with a “hands free” handling where 2 spectators turn 2 Rubik’s cubes at the same time and as soon as they finish, both cubes match.
Bonus- How to perform a matching cube routine over zoom.

Passcode- A pin code revelation that can be performed over zoom.

Virtual Triumph 2– A new handling and subtleties for the Virtual Triumph.

Who is he?

Adrian Lacroix is an illusionist and inventor from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His interest in magic began at the age of 8, after watching David Copperfield performing on TV. Being self-taught, he spent his youth and teen years, immersed in that world. At 17, he was already performing in restaurants and private events doing “close-up magic”. For the last 10 years he has been performing in some of the most prestigious theaters in Buenos Aires.

At his private events he usually performs for politicians, celebrities and companies CEOs. In 2020 he did an intimate performance for the President of Argentina and his family.

During lockdown, he has invented and marketed four best-selling routines for magicians to use on video chat; one of which was featured by Penn & Teller on national television. He revolutionized the way magic can be performed online. All the big names in the industry of magic recognize Adrian’s creations as the best magic effects than can be performed over zoom. He was called by David Copperfield, David Blane and Penn & Teller to perform privately for them.

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