Z ACAAN by Joseph B

” I thought Automated ACAAN was an excellent effect but this one completely blows that one out of the water. Intriguing from the very start, The spectator chooses which deck to use and completely mixes the cards up in a fair manner. The splitting of the deck into major and minor suits for a card and a number selection is a fantastic rendition to the effect, all this with a perfect match in the blue deck, equates to one of the best, baffling ACAAN type of effects I’ve ever seen. Everything seems so fair from start to finish. A great effect from one of the best thinkers in prestidigitation, Superb job Joseph! ”

Darren Purshall

A new Acaan with two decks of cards! The method is a great engineering construction that will completely fool you. Joseph B. always got great reactions from fellow magicians too. You will love knowing that it is easy to do but, at the same time, impactful. As you can see from the performance any number can be chosen and any card can be chosen and the miracle is upon us. All this with two NORMAL decks of cards that you can construct at home. The reset takes 10 seconds!

Two Normal decks
You have all the materials to construct the routine at home.
No rough and smooth
No sticky stuff
10 seconds reset

Download now!

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