You’re Only Lying To Yourself by Luke Jermay (ALL Video)

You're Only Lying to Yourself - Luke Jermay - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

A massive 4-hour download and accompanying hardcover book filled with one-of-a-kind card magic from one of the world’s leading mentalists, Luke Jermay. {.lead}

Many pure mentalists often shy away from playing cards. So, it may come as a shock to learn that Luke Jermay actually loves card magic. The world-renowned mentalist has spent a lifetime studying card magic and considers it to be one of his biggest passions.

More than 20 years of creating card magic is packed into this special download and book set from Vanishing Inc. “You’re Only Lying to Yourself” by Luke Jermay features 15 card tricks

spanning everything from traditional card magic to straight mentalism pieces.

All of the effects in this download are easy to perform and require almost no sleight of hand. They’re well within the range of magicians and mentalists alike, including the aforementioned mentalism purists that don’t often work with playing cards.

These direct and powerful pieces of magic are as fun to learn as they are to perform. Luke has developed novel plots and techniques that leave the perfect amount of uncertainty in the minds of your audience. While they know you’re probably not performing real magic, they just won’t be able to shake the feeling that you may have some sort of supernatural powers.

There’s a pseudo gambling poker routine done blindfolded that gives the impression of incredible sleight of hand skills- without actually having to learn any advanced moves-as well as updates on classic card tricks. You’ll love Luke’s new approach to the Ambitious Card and his Shuffled Out of this World that integrates all the dirty work into the effect itself so you can use a shuffled deck in the middle of your act.

As Luke Jermay is a professional mentalist by trade, the way he approaches all card magic tricks is unique. Beyond sharing some stunning prediction effects, Luke also shows how he can make one of the most famous card tricks in the world more memorable. His take on the Spectator Finds the Aces not only employs a unique method, but is also structured around finding a birthday or something else more personal to create an unforgettable experience.

All of this and so much more is available in the “You’re Only Lying to Yourself” box set. Each set comes with a special download card and accompanying hardcover book that dives into the history of the effects.

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