You and I by Rafael Benatar


Rafael Benatar is a master at crafting clever methods that can be played for any audience.

You and I is a perfect commercial card trick in which he incorporates new methods to a classic trick of Patrick Page.

This deceptive method is fun, has tons of audience interaction and the effect seems completely impossible. This trick gets better and better after each revelation leading to a surprise ending. It is the perfect matching card effect.

Here’s what happens:

You give half of your deck to the spectator and you both shuffle. You trade your top cards and they match; same color and same value, time and time again. It even happens after you trade halves. But it doesn’t stop there. You are ready for some more surprises that are different every time, like a spectator names a card and after shuffling gives you exactly the exact card he names. It’s different every time but always impressive and building up to a surreal ending.

No gimmicks, no difficult moves, and nothing is added to the deck.

We love it, you’ll love it, and everyone else will, too.

You and I by Rafael Benatar
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  1. Can you reupload paper heart by Patrick Kun? All of the links are unavailable!!!

  2. Kindly reupload again at rapidgator or at uploaded.
    No link working.

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