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I’m getting used to using the word ‘Genius’ and ‘Fraser’ in the same sentence. Yoke can be taught and performed within minutes! Literally! This method is SO clean and direct you’ll use it all the time!” Colin Miller

This s**t’s dope!” Evan Titanas

The problem with code acts is the amount of work you have to put into it to get it to work. Fraser taught me his code in ten seconds. Ten! That’s all it took! And I’ve been performing it ever since. No one will suspect a thing. It’s genius.” Karan Singh

Fraser’s method for teaching somebody a card code is sweet simplicity but also deadly! Imagine being able to coach a stranger in a couple of minutes and making them a star? Well now you can. Fantastic!” John Carey


Yoke is the simplest and easiest to learn, two person code ever devised for sending a thought of playing card to an accomplice.

It takes literally thirty to forty seconds to teach to someone else and a minute tops for your partner to familiarize themselves with the process.

Your accomplice closes their eyes and turns away or can even leave the room. You then spread the deck on the table or in your hands towards a spectator. They point to a card at random and then thoroughly shuffle the deck – losing it in the deck, entirely.

The deck is shuffled a little further as you take the cards back from the spectator and hand them to your accomplice, where they are now able to instantly spread through the deck and take out the exact same card the spectator is merely focusing on.

They can even be prompted to change their mind as much as they want before they commit to a card and will always accurately divine the spectator’s thought of card.

This is different to other code systems designed for transmitting the identity of a single playing card and is by far the simplest, cleanest and most deceptive.


NO placing fingers in a specific position or holding the deck in a strange manner.
NO difficult memory work of any kind.
NO convoluted scripts to remember.
In fact, this can even be performed silently!

It has been designed to be learned and remembered within less than a minute.

So find out for yourself why everyone Fraser showed this to at The Session 2019 was first, completely fooled and then blown away by the simplicity of method, once he tipped it to them.

Yoke by Fraser Parker (PDF)


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