Wunderkind by Andreas Dante (DVD+PDF) (only Premium)

“5 stars. No gimmicks, no writing, but you can divine their number over and over again. The concept of random thoughts allows you to expound on the mystery of the universe.” – Marc Salem

“This is TV show level for one person or a group.” – Art Derfall

“This is such a BRILLIANT TOOL! If I could give it 10 stars, I would!” – Guy Zachs

“I love this trick!!!” – Shaun Dunn

“Even fools magicians!” – Jason Hoff

“Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!” – Rebecca Taylor

“Don’t miss out on this you won’t be regret it!” – Michael Maimone

Wunderkind is THE mind-reading trick that’s always with you, truely self-working and fully impromptu. Yet it gives your participant a free choice of picking her secret number (1..9), which you’ll read from her eyes just a moment later. Demo video 1 explains the trick step-by-step and demo video 2 shows you a performance of the trick.

What’s great:
– Extremely easy – it can be performed by children!
– No force – free choice between 1 and 10
– Nothing to carry (except your phone)
– Nothing to buy additionally
– No arts and crafts required

– Instant reset
– Works fully surrounded
– Can be repeated again and again with the same audience
– Both: street and stage performances

For you:
– No mathematics necessary! No stooges! No fishing!
– No connection between phones (you don’t touch their phone)
– No branching anagrams, no speech techniques

– Works for Android and iOS devices, both for phones and tablets
– Initial set-up on your device is only necessary once and takes just 5 mins
– Includes special features to deal with difficult spectators

– Has fooled magicians & professional mathematicians
– Works in all languages and in all countries (except China & North Korea)

We also show you how to reveal a playing card that’s in the mind of the spectator and also include a revelation routine based on the magic square. For both, you don’t need any additional stuff, it’s all included in Wunderkind.

PROFESSIONALS: The effect has fooled people on stage and on the street during many performances. It is also an effect that’s always with you and extremely easy to perform when they say: “show me a trick”.

Includes detailed video explantation with background infos, alternative revelations, and theory and much more.

Wunderkind by Andreas Dante (DVD+PDF) (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )

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