World Magic Seminar Asia 2009

From our good friends at UGM, we are honored to provide you with another volume of one of the best selling and most comprehensive Seminar’s caught on video – The World Magic Seminar – Asia IX.

This DVD, as well as previous versions (also available exclusively at Stevens Magic) highlights 25 years of previous World Magic Seminar’s in Asia and features 25 different performers. So, as in previous versions, you get your money’s worth and a lot of variety.

Performers included are: Astor, Bona Ueki, Daisuke Hyuga, Eun Gyeol Lee, Jyum Min Ryu, Kojho Sugaya, Netcheporenko, Seol Hui Han, Shawn Farquhar, Soma, Tabary, Vittorio Marino, Yo Kato, Saori, Saiki Tanaka, Husen Taro, Kohei Kobayashi, Takuma, Tempei, Yumi, Hiro Sakai, Kazu Katayama, Yuji Yasuda, Kenji Minemura,and Yuji Yamamoto.

Note: While this DVD is 90% in Japanese, the menu and navigations are also in English. We all are interested in good magic, and for those that can’t travel the world to see it – this is your next best option to open up the different styles and cultures of the art that may have hidden treasure inside for you!

Check out the other volumes available by searching for UGM.

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Size : 563 MB

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