Without this World by Kiko Pastur

“When wit, talent, creativity, sensitivity and experience is mixed, we can not expect any other result than that offered by this little genius Kiko. We’re in luck!” –Dani DaOrtiz

“Kiko is for me the essence of poetic sensitivity in magic.” –Juan Tamariz

“It is said that the classics are untouchable. Kiko shows us in art, there are no rules.” –Roman Garcia

“Out of this world on STERIODS!” –Shaun Dunn

It’s been called the greatest card trick of all time. A spectator is given a deck of card and they are able to separate the deck by colors without looking at the faces. An incredible magic trick. Could it get better? Yes. Kiko Pastur has, without a doubt improved one of the greatest tricks of all time.

“Without this World” allows the spectator to deal freely through the entire deck without switching piles. Only two piles are used and the spectator chooses where the red cards go and where the black cards go (no magicians choice).

This is “Out of this World” the way it was always meant to be, with a method that magicians of ANY skill level can do. It’s easy to learn so you can focus 100% on the presentation.

Points to Remember

* The spectator FREELY deals two piles all the way to the end with TOTAL freedom, with no interruptions.
* The spectator DECIDES which pile are the red cards and which are the black cards.
* The piles NEVER touch each other, and remain clearly separated before you reveal them.
* You end clean, and everything is immediately examinable. You can immediately continue doing tricks with the same deck… even though this would be a great time to take your bow and leave them speechless.
* Uses a regular deck of cards
* Easy to learn

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