Will Tsai – Alchemist

Alchemist: Blossom - Will Tsai - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

This is one of the best self-bending metal effects we have ever seen. Will Tsai’s effects always seem to ask the question, ‘what would it look like if I could do this for real?’ and when you see the way that this effect allows you to warp metal so beautifully, you’ll appreciate why his philosophy is so good.

If we truly had the power to bend metal, why stop at just one bend?

Blossom will suck the wind out of your spectator as your psychokinetic ability contorts and flares the neck and every single tine of a simple dinner fork. The moment where they realized that the power of your mind is reconstructing the physical properties of metal is one that will live with them forever.

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  1. It’s only a trailer of another trick (Alchemist, a coin trick))

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