WHEN 2nd by SaysevenT

Hello magic lovers.

At time ago i present you a my single utility switch called WHEN,that effect show you shortly performance switch and make anybody to ask “when does it happen”.

The meaning is “WHEN” the switch does it happen ?

If you want to watch you can check at “search” : WHEN by SaysevenT

To day,let me introduce you my new product for you called “WHEN 2nd”.
this is the 2nd edition the WHEN.

At now not for a switch,i want to share you something new.
Once routines complete to stunning poeple watch that !!
And shortly make anybody to asking “WHEN does it happen”.

At below it’s my best friend testimonial and they say :

“Hello god hand, may i rent your hand for a days ?
well,good job for SaysevenT,”

– Arie Bhojez,
magic creator from indonesian.

“Hell yeaah,i was really amazed when i first saw WHEN 2nd,
really sweat and smooth,this is perfect for magic
professionals,SaysevenT explained very
precisely and clearly.”

– Yugi howen
magic creator from indonesian.

“A must have for every sleight enthusiast.”

– Agustin
magic creator from indonesian.

“It’s absolutely not for a beginner,
but it kills anybody who sees it.”

– Parlin lay
magic creator from indonesian.

Feature :
*Quick hot shoot
you can learn how to make a hot shoot quickly.

*Duplicate DL
This is new feature cause you can learn how to take (DL) double lift instantly at rotate condition on your hand (watch the demo).

*WHEN 2nd routine complete
I share you and explain my complete routine WHEN 2nd (watch the demo).

I give you two some amazing move cardistry  i called name is :
FELLYX – (top & bottom back on possition).
MEDDA – (nothing).

*27 minute explanation

[00.08]-[01.36]   Flip back.
[01.37]-[04.33]   Quick hot shoot.
[04.36]-[11.14]   Duplicate DL.
[11.18]-[20.20]   WHEN 2nd Routine complete.
[20.48]-[27.05]   Bonusses : FELLYX and MEDDA (Card flourish).
[27.05]-[27.06]   END

– [Advance requirement skill level] – [Difficulty] – [Intermediate] – [Handling] – [Intermediate] – [Impromtu] – [100% Sleight] – [No gimmick or gaff] – [No glue to make sticky]

Learn it now !

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