Volition Blue Chip By Joel Dickinson

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Volition Blue Chip is a close up master-piece and it fits in just one pocket.
‘Taking Joel Dickinson’s Volition to a new level.’ – Dean Williamson, Mentalist.
Inside a closed bag sit three poker chips, a participant attempts to decipher the colour of the poker chips inside. Once the chips are removed your participant and spectators are astonished they are correct.

The magician then explains to the participant that each poker chip has a location and the participant now decides which poker chip will go where. Astoundingly your participants actions where predicted ahead of time on the actual poker chips.
To top it off, the poker chips contains a hidden prediction which brings Volition Blue Chip full circle Proving everybody can be maniuplated, to the extreme.
No equivocation and no unusual procedures!
Extremely easy to perform with a high impact!
Volition Blue Chip can pack a punch in under a minute or perform a hard hitting five minute routine guaranteed to floor your audience.
Includes : All props provided & HD instructional video.

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