Vanishing Piece by Zihu

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Two cards are shown clearly and are dropped on your spectator’s hand. Magically, one instantly vanishes completely “in the air.”

What’s Vanishing Piece?

It’s an essential weapon for all skill levels, to make a card disappear in visual and unbelievable ways. The simple lock and unlock

system hidden inside the gimmick will activate anytime at your command. This happens so fast and effortless simply by dropping or juggling it. Just place it anywhere you want. It’s always ready to rock your audience.

  • The card completely vanishes in the air. Simple – visual – direct – surrounded.
  • 2 signed cards disappear, and later reappear.
  • Many routines and ideas are taught: prediction, solid through solid, transposition, phone trick…
  • Make the signed card appear with the back color they want!
  • Transpose the card and their signature in their hand.
  • The chosen card goes through the phone!
  • A card jumps from the air and goes inside the phone screen. At the end, you make it come to life, showing the card to the audience.
  • End completely examinable.


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