V2 By Manos Kartsakis (PDF)

“The structure Manos has created for Vox 2.0 makes the logic puzzle element that is so often obvious and transparent, almost invisible!”
– Ken Dyne

“Manos Kartsakis has come up with the most elegant, direct and easy to follow propless ‘which hand’ effect I have seen. For me my audience’s ability to follow along easily is really important — Velvet achieves this unlike any other. I have already started using this and will continue to do so.”
– Marc Spelmann

“I think Manos is a guy that is going to have a big name in Mentalism soon. This work is a very clever twist on the ‘which hand’ principle that uses no gaffs or electronics. This is how mentalism should be!”
– Luca Volpe

  • Book Format: Physical Softcover
  • Page Count: 80

MindFX is very proud to introduce you to the newly updated and expanded work of Manos Kartsakis.

Manos Kartsakis is one of Europe’s finest underground creators who, up until now, has only shared his work with a very select few. In this, his very first commercial release for the mentalism community, Manos will be sharing some of his most closely guarded routines based upon the “Which Hand” plot.

Fans of Mark Elsdon’s Tequila Hustler are sure to marvel over the new approaches that Manos offers, each of these utilizing a different method (with zero gimmicks required) to create the following effects:

Veritas (Only ONE Question Asked)

The performer hands the spectator a small object. Whilst placing their hands behind their back, the spectator is instructed to hide the object in either hand. Despite being able to lie or tell the truth to any question, the mentalist is able to discern the location of the object with 100% accuracy.

Vox (A ZERO Question Approach)

The performer hands the spectator a small object. Whilst placing their hands behind their back, the spectator is instructed to hide the object in either hand. This time no questions are asked at all. The spectator is instructed to say nothing out loud. This is a game that is played only in the spectator’s mind. With zero questions asked, the mentalist is able to discern the location of the object with 100% accuracy.

*NEW* Vox 2.0 (A ZERO Question Approach)

The performer asks a spectator to hide something in one of their hands. After the spectator has done that, the performer asks them to either concentrate on the hand that has the object or the empty hand. No matter which hand the spectator is concentrating on, the performer is able to tell them exactly where the object is hidden.

Verbalist (A Super Clean TWO Spectator Version)

The performer instructs two spectators that one of them is to hide a small object in one of their hands while the performer’s back is turned. The spectators are also instructed to decide which one of them is going to play the role of the truth teller and which one is going to play the role of the liar.

All of this happens secretly — the performer has no knowledge of any of this when he turns around to face the spectators. With three innocent questions, the performer is able to determine the exact location of the object, as well as determining which roles (liar/truth teller) each of the spectators is playing.

*NEW* Verbalist 2.0 (A Super Clean TWO Spectator Version)

This is a variation of the above effect. However, this time only two innocent questions are required to determine both the location of the object and the roles of each spectator.

Vice Versa (A Multi-Phased Routine Which is Ideal for Stage and Cabaret)

A bonus stage routine that uses the entire audience and culminates with several powerful reveals!

*NEW* Velvet (An Incredible Demonstration of Influence)

The performer removes an envelope from his pocket, which he sets on the table in full view. He proceeds by showing a chess pawn to the spectator. He explains that, in his opinion, this object perfectly encapsulates the concepts of suggestion and influence.

He then gives the pawn to the spectator and asks him to make a series of choices (place it in either hand behind his back and then switch it between his hands or not). When the spectator is finished and the pawn is secretly hidden in one of his hands, the performer opens the envelope and removes a prediction describing exactly the choices the spectator has made and the exact location of the pawn.


*NEW* Memento (A Bonus Routine Available Directly from the Author)

Within this book, you will discover the direct contact details for Manos Kartsakis. Those who purchase this product can email him directly to receive an eleven-page bonus that details the inside work on the following routine:

The performer tells the spectators that he is going to test how good their intuition is. He then asks a few spectators to give him some male names (8-10 names), which he writes on some blank index cards, and places them face down on the table.

After that, one spectator is asked to secretly concentrate on one of the names (without revealing which name), and another is asked to intuit which card has that name written on it.

The performer introduces a pocket watch that belonged to his grandfather, and gives it to the second spectator to use as a pendulum in order to eliminate all the cards until only one remains. At that point, the performer asks the spectator who is concentrating on a name to say for the first time out loud the name he is thinking of.

The card is turned over to reveal that it is the correct name. The performer allows some time for this moment to sink in and then, as a kicker, he mentions that this was actually his grandfather’s name and opens the pocket watch to reveal the same name engraved in the watch!

V2 By Manos Kartsakis (PDF)
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