Trick Cyclist by Andrew Normansell

“Trick Cyclist”, an effect by Andrew Normansell, is a practical, entertaining, and surprising card routine that is as easy to do as it is fun to perform.

Download : Rapidgator | Uploaded | Alfafile
Size : 160 MB

The effect is simple enough. Three cards are chosen, signed, and lost in the deck. The performer shows a Joker (one “specially trained”). The Joker is put in the performer’s pocket and magically returns to the deck, face up in the face down deck, next to one of the selected cards. This is repeated with the second card. When this is attempted the third time, though, the Joker doesn’t reappear in the deck. Knowing something is wrong, the performer pulls the Joker from his pocket and shows that the Joker has fallen off his bike. A final magical gesture is made, the performer reaches into his pocket and removes the final signed card.

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