Transaction By Justin Flom with Rick Lax (R Upload Nitroflare)

“JUSTIN FLOM hasn’t released a trick in years. He’s VERY selective about what he puts out. But when he created Transaction—I COULDN’T LET HIM KEEP IT TO HIMSELF.

We worked together to shape his INGENIOUS TRANSFORMATION into a COMPLETE ROUTINE. The results look like this:

You show two bills and a bill. You fold up the bill and give it to your friend. Then you hold the two at your fingertips…and they INSTANTLY MORPH into the . You immediately SHOW THE BACK AND THE FRONT. Then your friend opens her hand…AND SHE’S GOT THE TWO BILLS.

The Transaction gimmick takes two minutes to make. And after you make it, you can use it for a lifetime. Unlike other bill change gimmicks out there, this one doesn’t use thread or magnets or anything delicate. It’s BUILT TO LAST. So you can put it in your wallet and keep it there, without worrying about wear and tear. THIS TRICK IS READY TO GO AT ANY TIME.

Justin Flom is very selective about the tricks he performs. And even more selective about the tricks he releases. He hasn’t gotten where he is today by doing bad magic. And now, his latest creation, Transaction, can be yours.”

Transaction By Justin Flom with Rick Lax
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