TOTEMS by Barbumagic

Barbumagic presents TOTEMS.

In this project you will learn the following routines:

1. The ET Levitation: a one handed floating ring with a quick set-up. This is great as an oppener. It’s quick, visual and get’s people’s attention.

2. Inception Bend: a very natural-looking one-handed coin bend and a double coinbend routine, where one of the coins is bending in the magicians hand, while the second coin is bending in the

spectators hand.

3. Chainsaw Rubber Band: This is a pretty weird illusion, the elastic band is staying stretched instead of snapping back to its original form.

All objects can immediately be handed out for examination after the effects are done.

Gimmicks can easily be found at most magic dealers.

Welcome to TOTEMS!


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