Torn and Restored Changing Card by Richard Young


From the creators of Changing Cards, a brand new Torn & Restored Card that you will not believe:

Your hands are empty other than the card, you tear it into four pieces (you really are tearing it) in a clear and completely clean way, you fairly display the torn pieces and whenever you are ready…. BANG the 4 torn pieces INSTANTLY restore at your finger tips.

Nearly 30 years ago Bob Swadling released his incredible Swadling Torn & Restored Card, it took the magic world by storm but it has been unobtainable for nearly two decades. We are bringing these stunning hand made gimmicks back but ALSO we have some incredible updates with both the method and handling that you will simply not believe and also absolutely love performing. It is perfect for every conceivable magic performance platform:

  • Real world
  • Social media
  • Virtual shows

It is perfect for them ALL.

The updated method and handling means there are no difficult sleights to learn. No palming at all! Not at the beginning, middle or end.

There is no ditching of torn pieces, putting them into secret pockets or hiding them in your hands in anyway. That’s right, it is all true, it’s that clean!

There is nothing to hide in your hands at the end either, the incredible gimmick will keep the torn pieces secure for you and even allow you to toss the card in the air to show it has restored and your hands are empty.

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