Topit Workshop by Bob Fitch Vol 1


We are proud to announce the release of a monumental new product, The Bob Fitch “Topit Workshop.” We believe this amazing training set will cause a paradigm shift in the way magicians think of using the Topit.

Contents of Volume 1:

Topit Variations:
Patrick Page; Michael Ammar; Ramon Galindo; Open Vest; Shirt and Tie; Carl Cloutier

How to Open; The Basic Move; Coin Vanish; Plumb Line Vanish

Table Techniques:
Rub-A-Way Vanish; 4 Coin Vanish; Salt Shaker Vanish; As You Stand; Breast Pocket Slide

Wand And Purse; Fire Bowl Production; Glass Production

Color Changing Ball; Color Changing Cane

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