TIKI TWIRL by Michael Kekoa


Born from the island of Oahu, Hawaii…a cool utility move has grown into a full blown TIKI GOD awaiting your command! Here’s your chance to learn the “TIKI TWIRL!”. This utility move will allow for a selected card to be controlled to the top or bottom of the deck. You can also perform a color change that is hot as lava! Originally devised to be used in an ACR routine, but the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Download now! Leave a review and let me know how you use the move or have you come up with something cool with it?

Be on the lookout for more downloads from me in the near future! They may not be free…but what I’ve got in store will be worth it! Aloha from Hawaii!

Download :  RapidgatorUploadableUploaded | Uploadboy


  1. reupload the gypsy thread by dan sperry please, thanks!!!

  2. Good trick 😀

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