Thinking on Sleights by Tony Chang (only Premium)

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Tony Chang may be our generation’s greatest sleight of hand philosopher, and with this collection you’ll be able to spend over 2 hours jamming on difficult sleight of hand, performance theory, routine construction, finesse and nuance, and more.

In this bundle you’ll find Tony’s handling of Ricky Smith’s Cherry Control and his ideas and routines that utilize this deceptive sleight, his work on the color change – a stunningly hypnotic transformation of a playing card, and a fun, surprising routine that utilizes Dave Buck’s Palming Exercise from If an Octopus Could Palm and Rich Aviles’s Ballerina Change. As part of the bundle, you’ll receive a 20 minute interview with Tony regarding sleight of hand theory and practical tips for making your sleights invisible.

Thinking on Sleights by Tony Chang (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )


  1. Hi! Could you upload iHole by Raphael Macho? Thanks!

  2. More of tony chang pls ! <3

  3. Hello, i’m having a problem with nitroflare, althought I paid for the service it doesn’t work, can this be uploaded on Rapidshare?
    Sry for the inconvinience

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