The Silent Rings by Axel Hecklau

The Silent Rings by Axel Hecklau (Part I and Part II) Instant Download

Do you perform the rings for decades? – This will give your routine a boost.

Do you like to learn the rings from scratch? This will guide you to develop a comprehensive understanding for the linking rings.

You will not only learn how but WHY…

FISM winner Axel Hecklau compressed 40 years of experiences into 3,5 hours of crystal clear teaching.

On top of very important theoretical thoughts on structure, dramaturgy or routining and classical moves and figures, you will learn how to link two rings with absolutely no sound in fluid motion in many different ways.

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Rediscover this very practical piece of magic – performable for 10 or 1000 people

If you like the linking rings you need to study this masterclass.

Part 1: 7 Rings – a brilliant routine

Analysis of the structure, dramaturgy, symbolism, background thoughts and many other theoretical aspects, as well as routining and mechanics of Axel Hecklaus 7 ring routine with a standard set of rings. This routine is 6 minutes of astonishing entertainment for all performance situations. One of the most practical pieces you can do.

– Multi camera views, slow motion replays

Running time: app 2 hours

Part 2: Silent Rings

A collection of 17 innovative silent links and unlinks with 2 rings.

Different handlings and displays of the k*ring. Plenty of material to find your personal combination to let people believe in true magic.

– Multi camera views, slow motion replays

Running time: 1 hour 36 minutes

NOTE: You need a classic 8″-12″ linking ring set

FAQ to Axel Hecklau

What ring size do you recommend?
My rings are 10″ (25cm) in diameter with a thickness of 7.5mm. I find this size to be very comfortable. They are so well proportioned to my height (1.80m). A chain of 7 I can display comfortably in full length and gives a nice picture.
But my routine can also be performed with 8“ / 20cm or 12“ / 30cm rings. With large diameters, however, the cross-section should also be correspondingly larger.
A 30cm ring with a 4mm cross section just looks cheap.

I perform the linking rings with just 4 rings. Are your moves/ideas etc. also transferable and usable for a set of 4 rings?
Absolutely. My routine uses all the classic rings but a lot of the theoretical considerations apply quite generally and all the moves in the second part use only 2 rings.

Are the spectators involved in your routine or is it a pure stage routine like Richard Ross?
Examining the rings is essential to the effect in my opinion, so I involve the audience to examine the rings.
But I focus on the strength of the effect, not on a spectator being “too stupid” to get the rings apart.
The spectators are there to confirm that the rings are unlinkable.
So it is NOT one of those comedy routines à la Pop Hayden / Pauls Daniels, although it does have its funny moments.

Under what conditions can your routine be performed?
I pretty much perform my routine in any conditions. Outdoors, indoors, on stage in front of 500 people or in a salon in front of 20. You can still see it well at a distance of 30m and you don’t need to worry if the spectators are sitting 1m in front of you. Surrounded, by the way, is also no problem.
A trick can hardly be more practical.

Are the rings included?
No this is a digital video download in 2 parts. Total running time app 3,5 hours. But you can use any standard linking ring set from 8“ to 12“.


  1. part II is missing!!

  2. part II is missing!!

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