The Secrets of Brother John Hamman (Richard Kaufman) (PDF)

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“The most devious mysteries ever created with a deck of cards are contained within these pages.” From the foreword by Brother John Hamman: I have collected here those tricks and notions that l like, and audiences too. Some of my past material is included here, and some not, because l feel it is now dated or less effective. But what is here comprises a sweep of effects, magical, visual, and entertaining that should give you value for your efforts. Learn them in such a

way that you understand them, why the effect is accomplished, not just how. Magic is in the mind of the spectator – not in your fingers. If you understand what the flimflam is doing to the spectator’s imagination, you will magically entertain him. Sleights will not – it’s the plot, the visual sting, and the performer. So study the scams that fit your personality, don’t just memorize them. They work for me because they are me. Have fun.


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