The Pure Toss Project by Clement Di Natale

Pure Toss Project — The Online Magic Store

Clément Di natale is magician specialized in coin manipulation. Pure toss is his second project, in which he will teach you one of the most visual and gimmick-free disappearances! With the principle used, Clément offers you several routines and variations that will be feasible in real conditions. With this lenient project will try to show you pure and visual magic.

“When done well, this looks like CGI but in REAL LIFE!”

-Eric Jones

“If you can learn this well, you’ll have a piece of real magic!”


“This will take practice, but when mastered, you’ll have a KILLER vanish on your hands!”

– Kim Andersen

‘I really wish after practice, I can do this as well. What’s in this project is just too good.’

-Jeffrey Wang

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