The Miracle Case Project by Biz

The Miracle Case Project by Biz Trailer - YouTube

A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD – The Miracle Case Project is a killer collection of effects and sleights that use the one prop you always have with you – the case the cards are packed in! Hosted by Romanian Card Ninja Biz, this huge project (it’s a 97min download!) features transpositions, surprise appearances, switches, colour changes and more.

Indeed it’s a total smorgasbord of card chicanery and as everything is done with a NORMAL card case, what you learn will work with ANY deck of cards (even borrowed decks). The material runs from surprisingly easy right through to some advanced stuff that’ll really give you something to get your teeth into it.

Dig into this insane collection and you’ll be armed to perform masses of magic JUST using the deck in your pocket.

With an hour and a half running time this is Biz’s most excellent value for money ever – you’ll learn some incredible sleights, a heap of routines and some skills that will translate to any deck of cards you ever pick up in the future!


The Pick Up
The Actions
The Load
Transposition #1
Transposition #2
Transposition #3
Effect – Extraction
Effect – Coincidence
Effect – Dudec Switch
Effect – Hit Pop
Middle & Bottom Steals


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