The Mind Of The Mind Reader by Gidon Sagher

The Mind Of The Mind Reader by Gidon Sagher - Magic Videos and Ebooks Instantly Download

This is a book for the working Mentalist, filled with great routines, presentation suggestion and full explanation.

About the book:

The book has been written for 7 years and deals with routines that have been presented to audiences on world-wide stages for years.

The book explains in detail some new methods for classic routines and classic methods for new routines.

All the routines in this book do not make use of: pre-show, stooges, real hypnosis, and expensive gimmicks. All effects work 100% and are designed for a single performer without stage assistants, packed flat and plays big.

This book is meant for professional mentalists/magicians, and will provide new ways of thinking and will stimulate your creativity.

The Mind Of The Mind Reader book will surely take your show to the next level.

You will learn, among other things, how to:

Allow the entire audience to read the thoughts of a random volunteer
Distinguish between truth-tellers and liars + strong kicker in the end
Influence the decisions of 4 or 3 volunteers on stage
Witness a rare coincidence (every show)
Erase the memory of the volunteer who will not even remember his name
Show on stage how much imagination can affect reality
Hypnotize a volunteer in three seconds (without the use of Hypnosis)
Demonstrate voodoo
Predict the future

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