The Midas Touch By Peter Turner (PDF) (only Premium)

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At the end of March 2018 Peter Turner finally decided to release his signature PK Touch routine.  This was to be limited to 100 copies for world wide sale and very kindly he set aside a limited quantity for the MindFX customers.

Due to a very busy work schedule Peter was never able to drop them off as originally planned.  A couple of weeks ago I finally got a call from Pete letting me know that he was passing through the area and that he had a very special package for me.

This package contained the incredible ‘Midas Touch’ booklets that he had dedicated for the MindFX customers, along with an additional surprise (his New York Lecture Notes).  As such, I am proud to make these items available and know already that fans of his material will adore the subtleties and linguistics used within these effects.

Details on the New York Lecture Notes can be found HERE.  Please read on for details of the Midas Touch routine…

“I’ve kept this a secret for just short of a decade and would go as far as to say I’ve performed it more than any other routine I’ve ever created.” – Peter Turner

Within this 24 page booklet Peter covers every aspect of this routine down to the finest of details.  This encompasses timing, linguistics, misdirection, structure, movement, scripting, and much more. Best of all, this can be performed in any language and the touches are felt real time (and in different places).

You can do it in any language, without restriction and best of all, the touches are felt real time.

“This is the best PK Touches by far. It’s totally impromptu, and it is the most convincing take I’ve ever seen.” – Madison Adams Hagler

“This is Pete at his best. I’ve always hoped this would never see the light of day as a commercial release as this has established itself as the only PK touch routine I’ve ever wanted to use in my shows.” – Steve Haresign

Note: This is not the routine that Pete shared in his Penguin lecture!


The Midas Touch By Peter Turner (PDF) (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )

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