The Koran Deck by Liam Montier

Bigblindmedia presents The Koran Deck Project with Liam Montier (BBM420)

Comes with special Bicycle deck & 30 mins video download – everything you need to perform included!

The Koran Deck – the deck that turns you into a mindreading miracle-worker!

This ingenious pack of cards allows you to easily reveal any card that a spectator merely looks at.

No sleights, glimpses, controls, gaffs, stooges or breaks! You don’t even have to touch the deck! This is a true self-working wonder.

Host Liam Montier will teach you how to use this venerable tool in the most deceptive way possible, arming you with one of the most powerful (and simple to use!) weapons in all of magic.

Learn how to handle it effectively, how to protect it’s secrets, how to maximise it’s function and then Liam will teach you two killer routines to get out and perform!

Includes – The deck in red or blue backed Bicycle stock, and a video masterclass:

What Is It?
Revealing The Selection
Handling Tips
Tossed Out Deck Routine
Stephen Tucker’s Threemendous Routine

Running Time – 28 mins

The deck that turns you into a mind-reader
Reveal any card they merely look at
Totally self working
No sleights, No glimpses
No controls, no stooges
No gaffs, No breaks
You don’t even have to touch the cards!
A mentalism masterpiece.

Learn how to use The Koran Deck. How to handle it properly and BLOW MINDS!

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