The Jerx – Love Letters No. 3

Hey everyone. Welcome to Issue #1 of Love Letters. In each issue I’ll be
writing three letters to the people behind my favorite magical releases from
the previous month. They might be old releases. Or something buried in a
book or magazine. Really the only requirement is that it’s something I’ve really

grown to enjoy or find value in over the course of the previous few weeks. This
paragraph is the last thing I’m writing for this newsletter, and I have to say this
new format is a fucking joy to write. I don’t have to write about only new stuff
or stuff I don’t enjoy. I simply have to write about the stuff I’m digging. Thanks
for supporting.

  1. Spidey – ESP Match
  2. Max Lukian and Giacomo Bigliardi – Biddle Trick
  3. Nestor Dee – Billet Chi

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