The Incredible Appearing Nothing by Christophe Fouquet

“This is not just another packet trick. It’s a visual mindblower based on some real out of the box thinking. Giant holes appear in four playing cards one by one. The holes are clearly real. Then comes the mind-blowing ending – the holes are just black stickers on the backs of the cards! Christophe has come up with a real winner here. And, as you learn to perform the trick, you’ll learn a new four card count that can be applied to other tricks. Get this one before they sell out.” – Mike Powers

“An beautifully absurd premise meets a delightfully practical method… What’s not to love?!” – Kyle Purnell

“This trick is so fun to perform. It’s super practical and easy to do. The visuals are great and the kicker ending is a massive surprise. I’m definitely going to be performing ‘Nothing’ to my audiences from now on. It’s brilliant.” – Craig Petty

Get ready to make nothing appear. Magicians have been making stuff appear for centuries, but finally, you have the power to make nothing appear. This charming packet trick gets big reactions. Four playing cards have giant holes appear in them, and then those four holes transform into stickers. This is the Incredible Appearing Nothing by Christophe Fouquet.

Here’s what happens:

The magician introduces four red-backed playing cards. After showing them to be apparently ordinary cards, the magician introduces the concept of making nothing appear. The cards are counted again and suddenly one of them has a giant hole in the middle of it. The hole is nearly the entire width of the card, and there’s no way it could have been hidden. The hole is also proven to be real, and multiple surfaces can be seen through it. The card is fairly dealt to the table. The remaining three cards are counted and a second hole appears. This one is also real! A third and fourth hole appear in the respective cards, all of which are placed openly on the table. The cards are then stacked up and the magician comments about how conceptually, making nothing appear is very difficult. What’s much easier is to make something appear that looks like nothing. With a magical gesture, the hole in the middle of the cards transforms into a giant black sticker. All four cards are counted and all four holes are shown to be stickers. The cards are shown front and back and no hole can be found.

This packet trick gets phenomenal reactions. You receive four specially gimmicked cards that make The Incredible Appearing Nothing Possible. In addition to the basic handling that uses a close-up mat, you’ll also learn a bonus handling using an ordinary phone case that allows you to perform this trick anywhere at any time. The sleights are simple, and well within the grasp of magicians at any skill level. Prepare to do the impossible, by making nothing appear with a trick that really is something with The Incredible Appearing Nothing by Christophe Fouquet.

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