The Doors of Deception by Paul Vigil (PDF)

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Paul Vigil is the talked about name on the underground scene. A student of Johnny Thompson, Paul is your favorite magician’s favorite magician. All of his material is entirely worked through, and he creates and performs with an intensity that is almost electric. He favors powerful, multi-phased routines that are classical in nature and nearly every trick he does could be classified as a closer.

Doors of Deception is basically Paul’s entire show. Rarely does a professional performer write a book that is a walk-through of their entire show, but that’s what you get here. He starts with the entire setup of his show, his opener, and it goes all the way through until his closing piece. He details his expert (we’d say, definitive) handling of Chicago Opener, as well as a mentalism opener in which you reveal a perfect prediction involving a pen, a business card case, and a keychain.

There is magic described with coins and cards, and his closing piece is worth the entire price of the book.

The book, so far, has only been available directly from him at lectures, and he printed a very small number to keep the material entirely exclusive. What you’re investing in is an entire examination of a professional parlor show.

We have just 20 copies of Doors of Deception. So if you see this item marked “Out of Stock,” we will unfortunately not be able to get more, and Paul has said he will never reprint. If you understand his caliber of material, do not hesitate to pick up what we feel is one of the finest books released in the last year.

Paul also printed an entire deck of Bicycle cards comprised of gaffs explored in Doors of Deception. These decks are $40 and we have just twenty of them as well.

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