The Call & Invisible Picture by Hiroshi Magic

100% Mind-blowing… 0% Apps 


A “magician fooler” is a trick so devious, that experienced magicians have no explanation for how it was possible.

It’s used as a mark of quality. Because if it fools pro-magicians, it will DESTROY complete laymen.

That is ‘The Call’.

  • No apps
  • No NFC
  • Uses their phone

Even under these incredible conditions, they can choose any contact in their phone – and you can make that person call them.

 + BONUS: Invisible Picture 

We sometimes have a narrow worldview of magic. There are so many creators with so much talent, we underestimate what is really possible.

Hiroshi proved that with us. Performing effects that look like they need to be apps, but with a spectator’s phone.

Miracles are waiting. Will you answer the call?


  1. Can you please upload this Trick
    e-Sorcery By Ian Hamilton (Instant Download)
    I will be very thankful bcoz I have been searching for it for so long

  2. Can you please upload the shortcut for this

  3. Please upload the iphone shortcut as well.

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