The Book of Angels by Fraser Parker (PDF)

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Expected to Ship on the 31st October

IMAGINE being able to guess the name of someone who has been on the mind of your spectator – a friend, family member or loved one – within a few seconds, completely prop-less and with NO extra process other than the spectator simply focusing on the name of the person close to them. This is a psychic’s dream come true!

[An earlier write up of this can also be found in Karuna by Ross Tayler].

IMAGINE holding onto a spectator’s hand to establish a connection in order to help the spectator use their genuine intuition to be able to divine the exact, face down card selected at random from a deck of cards.

IMAGINE being able to divine the star sign of your spectator, throwing out letters you feel might be contained in their sign, without the spectator ever saying anything out loud and always being one hundred percent correct!

[This method works with any anagram].

IMAGINE the spectator answering yes or no in their mind to specific questions and you always knowing what answers they are merely thinking of, allowing you to divine practically any piece of information.

IMAGINE always being able to know specific letters or numbers thought of by your spectator, entirely prop-less, as well as being able to guess thought of names, words and star signs with ease.

IMAGINE the spectator trusting their intuition to be able to successfully divine the names and star signs YOU are thinking of.

IMAGINE being able to prop-lessly divine a drawing your spectator is merely thinking of, with no discernible process and no anagram. You get your spectator to try to guess your thought of drawing and you know theirs.

IMAGINE the spectator being able to always trust their intuition to successfully divine the pin number to your bank account or phone unlock code.

IMAGINE no more!

All of this and more has been made possible and is taught in Fraser’s limited work The Book Of Angels.
This book is at the pinnacle of the modern prop-less approach to the realistic performance of Mentalism.
Fraser blends method and effect seamlessly, to create prop-less routines that look and feel exactly as they would if you were performing actual feats of telepathy and mind reading.

Witness the power of words and the ability they have to shift perception.

Learn how to create an illusion with words and actions that goes completely full circle where nothing but the beautiful lie of the appearance of real magic remains.

Your spectators will leave your performances believing what you do is real… period!


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