THE BASKET CLOSE UP by Gonzalo Albiñana & Adrian Vega (Re Upload)

Adrian Vega and Gonzalo Albinana want to share with all the magic community a new limitless tool for all kinds of parlor, stage, mentalism and forcing ideas and magic.

The Basket allows you to start and end clean, with nothing suspicious or difficult maneuvers from your part, letting the audience handle all of the props in time.

With The Basket you can predict, force, go one ahead of them, make any kind of paper, billets, cards, stamps, photographs, or whatever you came up with, appear, and way too much more.

The Basket comes in two sizes, one close up size for papers and small options, and one stage/parlor size, better suited for card magic, more different kinds of currency, bigger papers and


The Basket is an invisible, easy to use, organic and everyday diabolical tool that takes the disguise of a perfect common object, that can be examined and handled by the audience!

Every other magical advert says that “only your imagination is the limit”…but in this case, we are sure about it.


  • Everything is included (basket, gimmicks, special tools, ect.)
  • 2 sizes available (Close Up: 10cm x 9cm x 9cm / Stage: 14cm x 12cm x 12cm).
  • Complete tutorial by Gonzalo Albinana with full of crazy ideas!


  1. There is no download-link 🙁

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    Could you please reup this as there is no download link.


  3. There is no download button and no link. Can you reup please?

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  5. Brilliant information here! Hopefully you wont stop the flow of such magical material!

  6. Thanks for sorting this out. Download link is now working. You are the best.

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